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All the different glues we stock in our shop.


Extramite one shot powdered resin wood glue. Simply mix with water to required thickness, this glue is excellent for all laminated work, (no movement after working. Also gives a reasonable time for working.


220gm tin—£6.02

500gm tub—£11.82

Resintite, another powdered resin wood glue, also mixed with water to required thickness, also good for laminated work, although this glue gives less time for working, (i.e. goes off quicker while using).


1.5kg tub—£13.50

Liberon quick drying super wood glue.

This is a strong and clear drying PVA wood glue for all woods, MDF and chipboard, good on rubbed joints, although it can move afterwards.


100ml container—£3.43

500ml container— £8.46



Used to hold knots in place or to fix bark when required. Also used to fill or fix small cracks when used in conjunction with a little sawdust, can be used to disguise small faults in the wood. Also used to fix inserts or plugs.


20 gram bottle—£2.50

50 gram bottle—£5.85



Useful to all wood workers, mainly as a temporary way of holding a work piece, giving you the effect of a 3rd hand. Comes in sticks 9mm x 300mm long. Glue guns can be supplied if required from about £12.50 upwards.


9mm x 300mm glue sticks—40p each.




Above and below,

Examples of work glued using Extramite or Resintite.

Above ,small bowls, left, ready to turn, right, a completed bowl.


Below left, some blanks for weed pots, also a completed weed pot.

Below right, some blanks for light pulls, also a completed light pull.

Above, example of how the hot melt glue is put to good use. Here we have a laminated work piece which is attached to a hardwood disc using only the hot melt glue. The disc is held in the chuck, but could be on a faceplate or wood screw, all the turning is now done from this set up, and you can even work the tailstock end unsupported, i.e. drilling etc.

Above, Padauk inlays in this Holly vase were secured with super glue.



For fixing of all tiles, ceramic, slate or marble.

This will give a secure fixing to all of those whilst still allowing a small amount of movement in the timber, but not damaging the tile in the process.


General purpose silicone—£2.25 tube each.


Titebond is an excellent adhesive for bonding the tubes into the wood in the making of pens & pencils.

Titebond is a waterproof liquid polyurethane glue, it has epoxy-like strength, bonds almost anything, solvent free and has a long open time.

Titebond, 4 fl.oz. bottle — £6.55 each

Titebond, 8 fl.oz. bottle — £10.25 each.



Above, a couple of pens that were made using Titebond Polyurethane liquid glue.

Pens by Alec Mutch.