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We will include pictures from turners outside this country, if you care to send them to us.

It would be nice to see what痴 being turned in other countries.

Left, a shallow natural edged bowl.

Made from Silver Birch.

Size, 300mm x 230mm x 70mm, incl a small turned foot.

We supplied the timber.

Picture by Alec Mutch.

Turning by Mark Sutton.



Mark is a member of the,

Highland Woodturners Club.




He is also one of our pool of demonstrators.

Here we have a selection of work by John Wain.


1, a group of pin cushions, in a variety of timbers & coverings.

2, A clock in beech, 2 cheese boards with tiles & domes, and a trinket box with ceramic lid.

3, A mushroom in apple, a cheese board in padauk with tile & dome, and a small bowl in sycamore.

4, A selection of mushrooms all made from apple.

5, A miniature dining set made from native oak.

6, A pair of wall plaques (standing).

three mushrooms, 2 apple & 1 ash.

In the foreground a hot pot stand.

7, A group of pot-pourri boxes with pewter lids in various woods.

8, A selection of coasters with tile inserts, again in various woods.


We supplied all the materials.

Pictures via customers e-mail.

Turnings & work by John Wain.

Pictures by John & Ilka Wain.











To Customer

Photos, page 4

Not live yet!

Text Box: Do keep sending us your pictures, if we receive them we will publish them.
Text Box: Thanks go out to all of you who took the time to take and send us your pictures.

Above, a silver bowl on a plinth of spalted beech.

Bowl size, 10cms in dia x 7cms high,

Bowl made by Rita Ebdon.

We supplied the spalted beech for the plinth.

Picture via customers e-mail

Picture by Rita Ebdon.

Above, an ecclesiastical cross.

Made in several hardwoods.

Made by Charles Sutherland.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Picture by Charles Sutherland.

Charlie is a regular summer visitor to Scotland.

Above, two views of a foot stool.

Left, showing the stool as it would be in use, right, showing the underside.

Made from Elm, and measuring approx 13 in diameter.

Tapestry work by Jeanie Sutherland. Upholstered by Tom Goddard.

Base wood supplied by us and turned by Frank Albers.

Won Silver Star at the SWRI Federation Show on the 17th April in Dingwall.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Picture by Frank Albers.


Above, two pendulum clocks.

Made from, (left) Oak, (right) Purpleheart.

Size, approx 250mm in diameter.

Both turned by Andy McMahon Edinburgh.

Pictures via customers e-mail.

Pictures by Andy McMahon.

Above a large Burr Elm Bowl.

Size.375mm in diameter x 125mm deep.

We supplied the blank.

Turned as part of a tutorial.

Turned by Sandy MacKenzie, with a little help from Alec Mutch.

Picture via customers e-mail

Picture by Sandy MacKenzie.