Text Box: Pens Pencils & Blanks.

We stock a good range of pens pencils and blanks, we also stock the ready made pens, the pen and trumpet sets, two kinds an economy one and a deluxe one, blanks for the pen and trumpet sets. Presentation boxes and pouches for pens and pencils, refills for pens in Blue, Black & Red.

From small extensions to large corporate projects, we specialise in all aspects of construction. In addition, we provide new home construction services. Beaconsfield Builders

Propelling Ball Point Pen mechanism….Price, £2.65 each.

Click Pen mechanism….Price, £3.15 each.

Click Pencil mechanism….Price, £3.75 each.





Spalted Beech




Olive Ash




Pen & Pencil blanks.

Our pen blanks are all cut to one size, 15mm x 15mm x 150mm, this is suitable for all 7mm tube pens and pencils, if you require anything thicker for fountain pens for example, let us have your requirements and we will cut them to suit your size.

Above, some of the native timbers we use , these are all priced at 25p each.

Goncalo Alves




Black Walnut

Pau Amarillo


Native Walnut





Above, some of the exotic timbers we use, prices are as follows,

Ebony….£1.00 each, Zebrano….75p each.

Purpleheart  & Bubinga….50p each

All the others in this picture are 30p each.

Any exotic timbers not in this picture, price on request.

Above, Crushed Velvet & Corian blanks.

The Crushed Velvet are the 6 upper blanks in the picture and come in a variety of colours, they measure 16 x 16 x 150mm and are priced at £2.00 each.

Larger sizes for fountain pens, 19 x 19 x 150mm are priced at £2.50 each.

The Corian blanks are the 3 lower blanks, these are made from mineral particles set in a plastic resin, the measure 12 x 12 x 150mm, and are priced at £2.00 each.


The completed pen, presentation boxes & pouches.

Above, a completed pen in it’s presentation box,

Price…£10.50 each.

Above, the standard presentation

box for a single pen,

price…£0.75p each.

Above, velvet pouches for pens or pencils, in maroon or black,

Price…£4.00 for pack of 10.

Pen and trumpet sets.





Above, pen and trumpet sets,

Economy, price…£2.00 each.

Deluxe, price…£3.35 each.

Above, some blanks suitable for mounting the pen and trumpet sets.

These are native timbers and are sized at approx 120mm in diameter x 25 to  35mm thick, and priced from 54p to 75p each.

Above, some blanks suitable for mounting the pen and trumpet sets.

These are exotic timbers and are sized at approx 120mm in diameter x 25 to  30mm thick, and priced from £1.08 to £1.29 each.

Above, the completed pens.

Price…£13.50 each.

Above, the completed pens.

Price…£14.80 each.



Padauk Sap

Pau Amarillo

Goncalo Alves


Above, pen refills for propelling ball point pen.

These are available in Blue Red and Black,

Price….£2.00 for a pack of five.

To Timber


To home



Below and new to us all the way from Australia are these fancy acrylic blanks.


These high quality acrylic blanks measure 20 x 20 x 150mm and are suitable for any type of pen or pencil, they come in a beautiful range of exciting colours.

Price….£3.15 each

Please note that these blanks can have a +/- of 2mm in their dimensions.




PB 035a

PB 036a

PB 037a

PB 039a

Black/ White chip

Green chip

PB 001

PB 002

PB 003

PB 004

PB 005

PB 006

PB 008

PB 009a

PB 010

PB 011

PB 012a

PB 013

PB 014

PB 015a

PB 017

PB 019

PB 021

PB 022

PB 023

PB 026

PB 027

PB 028

PB 029

PB 030