Text Box: Milling timber 05/2009

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Above the mill in position to cut our timber.

To the right of the mill can be seen the logs about to be milled, these consist of a total of 18 logs,

3 are Elm, 6 are Ash, 8 are Sycamore and the very large log at the rear is Oak.

All the logs except the Oak measure approx 2 metres long, all are between 300mm in diameter to

450mm in diameter. The Oak log measured approx 3 metres long by approx 1200mm in diameter.

A Sycamore log loaded on the mill, being set up for cutting.

A side view of the same Sycamore log, showing that the top of the log is level with the machine

bed, an important consideration when cutting logs.

One of the larger logs, this one is Ash, the saw can be seen taking the first cut.

Above and below, two pictures of the results of the day痴 milling.

We cut 36 battens (75 x 75 x 2m) in Ash, along with a lot of 25mm, 30mm, 40mm &

50mm thick boards.

The large Oak log can be seen in the background, it痴 next to be cut.

The large Oak log, it measured approx 3metres long x 1200mm in diameter, as this is far greater than that which the Wood Mizer can accommodate it required to be cut into pieces that the saw could take, in this case it was decided that the log had to be quartered, and that meant cutting it into 4 pieces lengthwise, a task that had to be done with the use of chain saws.

Above, the Oak log now reduced to 4 pieces, and ready to be loaded onto the mill.

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The mobile mill we use is owned by James Nairn from Ullapool, if you wish to hire his services for a day or more, tel, 01854 613164, or e-mail your request to, [email protected] click this link.

Above the cut planks and battens now stacked for air drying, including the Oak from the large log, some 6 of clearance off the ground and 1 thick spacers are placed between each piece of wood, They will stay like this for approximately one year for every inch of thickness, after which time they will be moved inside to complete the drying process. You will see that they have been covered with metal sheeting, this is not only to keep the rain off, but also to avoid the effects of direct sunlight. We chose a north facing aspect with some tree canopy cover to air dry our timber, this also avoids the worst aspects of the effects of direct sunlight.



Above a stack of 1杯hick Sycamore boards, showing the ground preparation, the air gap below, the cover sheeting and the spacer sticks.