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Ever since we started this business here we have wanted to create a better storage area for all our dried timbers, this would be in the shape of a dry covered area, i.e. a fairly big shed, somewhere our timber could be stored in a way that allowed our customers to wander through the store and select what they wanted as required, this would be mainly in full boards or battens, there would be a cutting service available if required.

In addition to the timber store, we wanted to set up an area dedicated to doing demonstrations on woodturning, this we have incorporated into the same new facility, we have seating for 50 and the demonstrations will be free, we have increased our car parking area痴 from approx 15 to now having spaces for up to 30 vehicles.

We eliminate the uncertainty and worry that can accompany a building project by using only the best materials and cutting-edge construction methods. https://www.pristinebuild.co.uk/kidlington/builders/uk/


Some pictures follow showing the path to our new facility.

The buildings as they were, the three middle wooden sheds were to be removed to make way for our new facility.

The two smaller sheds now removed, with only part of the larger one still standing, also note that a large area of the grass has also been removed.

All three sheds now demolished, and the digger dealing with the debris.

The site of the new shed levelled with hardcore and the new concrete floor laid.

The new shed arrives in flat pack mode.

Both sides now assembled, ready to lift into position.

Most of the main frame work now assembled.

The cladding well underway, including roof lights.

Above & below, the now completed building.

In addition we have created 15 new car parking places.

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Above, a view of the inside of our new facility, our wood store.

Here we have a range of timbers including, Elm, Birch, Maple, Sycamore, Alder, Beech (some spalted), Willow, Ash & Oak.

Also in here are some exotic woods, Bubinga, African Padauk, Zebrano, Purpleheart, Goncalo Alves & Pau Amerillo.


Why not pay us a visit and see for yourself, take a walk through the store and see the range of woods we have on offer.

Above, another view inside our new facility, this time it痴 the demonstration area.

In the centre can be seen the lathe we use for our demonstrations, it痴 a Record CL1.

The sessions are filmed and projected onto the big screen? above the lathe with full audio included, we also have seating for up to 48 people.