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To Customer

Photos, page 2


To Customer

Photos, page 2

Left, a mantle clock, this clock required a new movement, our customer found our clock inserts on our web site, and noticed that they might also fit into their mantle clock, after some discussion with us on how it could be fitted, the result is as shown in the picture.

The clock insert is a 130mm diameter clock insert, I.E. comes as a complete unit, already assembled including a battery movement.

We supplied the clock insert, our customer fitted the clock.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Picture by Jo Doubleday.


This principle could be applied to lots of other clocks that have been made from materials other than wood, such as slate, brass and in this case marble, which could all take on a new lease of life with a new movement.


For Clock Inserts幼lick here.


Above, a carved mirror frame.

Made from native Oak.

Size, 730mm x 450mm x 30mm thick.

We supplied the Oak blank.

Picture via customers e-mail

Carving & picture by James Preece.


Above, a barometer.

Made from African Padauk.

Size, approx 135mm dia x 40mm thick.

We supplied the blank & the instrument.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Turning & picture by James Cunningham Jack.

Text Box: Do keep sending us your pictures, if we receive them we will publish them.
Text Box: Thanks go out to all of you who took the time to take and send us your pictures.



Above, two pictures sent to us from a recent pupil of ours.

Bowl (A) in the left hand picture, and in close up in the right hand picture, is beech and made by our pupil.

Bowl (B) was made as part of the tutorial and is of Birch.

Also in the picture a toy Land Rover made by our pupil, another one of his interests.

Pictures via customers e-mail.

Work and pictures by Ron Orr.

Above, a picture of some wooden mice.

Made from a variety of woods, some native & some exotic.

Size, nose to tip of tail, 125mm x 25mm high.

Picture via scanned photograph.

Wooden mice by Jim Stephen, picture by Sheila McAlinden.

Above, a selection of bowls and mushrooms.

Made in a variety of woods, both native and exotic.

We supplied some of the blanks.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Turnings & picture by Ron Orr.

Above, two views of a blanket box.

Made in native Oak, we supplied the materials.

Size, W. 930mm x D.440mm x H.480mm.

Pictures via customers e-mail.

Blanket box & pictures by Ray Bainbridge.

Above, a nutcracker bowl.

Made in Goncalo Alves, with a brass ships wheel nutcracker.

Size, 330mm dia x 75mm thick.

We supplied the wood and the brass ware.

Picture by Alec Mutch.

Turning by Craig Bethune.

Above, wooden mushrooms, & napkin holders.

All were made from Sycamore.

Sizes, back 2 rows, 110 x 60mm, 3rd row, 75 x 70mm.

Front row, 50 x 60mm.

Picture by Alec Mutch.

Turnings by Alec Mutch.

Above, The same Mushrooms & napkin holders as the picture above, now having been painted by our customer, also showing a napkin in one of the holders.

Painting by Pam Terry.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Picture by Jim & Pam Terry.

Above, a selection of turnings by one of our customers.

Pictured are two vases and five platters/shallow bowls.

The woods for the platters are Ash, Spalted Beech & Maple.

Sizes are from approx 320mm x 50mm to 400mm x 50mm.

The vases were laminated from Bubinga, Purpleheart, Pau Amerillo, Padauk, Goncalo Alves & Sycamore. The sizes for these were 110mm x 300mm tall.

We supplied all the blanks, and did the laminating.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Picture and turnings by Mike Gudgeon.

Above, a small lidded box.

Made in Native Yew.

Size, 105mm high x 83mm in diameter.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Turning and picture by Mike Rowlands.

Above, a natural edged bowl.

Made in native Yew.

Size,230mm long x 190mm wide x 100mm deep.

A wall thickness of approx 7mm was achieved.

Picture via customers e-mail.

Turning and picture by Mike Rowlands.

This was Mike痴 first attempt at a natural edged bowl.

Above a salad bowl & servers.

Made in Sycamore.

Bowl size, 300mm x 100mm.

Servers size, 480mm 60mm.

Picture by Alec Mutch.

Turning & Servers by John Wain.


Above, another set of salad bowl & servers.

Made in Native Birch.

Bowl size 300mm x 100mm.

Servers size 480mm x 60mm.

Picture by Alec Mutch.

Turning & servers by John Wain.

Above a Barometer.

Made in Yew.

Movement size 100mm diameter.

We supplied the movement.

Picture via customers disc.

Turning & picture by Peter McDermid.

Left, a flower vase.

Made from a Banksia Nut and a Zebrano base, with the holes in the nut filled in.

Size approx, 200mm high.

We supplied the Banksia nut & the base material.

Picture via customers disc.

Turnings & picture by

Peter McDermid.