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I think I値l take a little bit more!

In this second situational all went well on the turning of the outside shape and I was very happy with it.


In fact it worked out very well, so well in fact that I have had requests for four more to be made up for friends.

I have even bigger disasters to follow in the future.



Happy Turning,


Mike Rowlands, Weston-Super-Mare.

When things don稚 always go as you intend.

By Mike Rowlands, Weston-Super-Mare.


The phone rings, losing concentration!

In this first case it is all about concentration and watching what you are doing. The first photo show痴 how the bowl should look with the inserts around the rim being alternate. But as you can see in the second photo, whilst being disturbed when doing this job by the phone ringing, I returned to finish the last few inserts and got them all wrong. I didn't see this until I had turned the bowl and sanded it. So a bit of a disaster but one that ranks as lack of concentration rather than an actual disaster.

So I sanded and finished the outside of the vase.


I then remounted it and drilled out the inside with a small forstner bit down to the base of the bowl at the bottom where I was going to put a glass insert to hold water. Then using a small bowl gouge I started to take out the inner neck of the vase and I got a good shape and thickness which was very constant. I should then have left it and sanded it and finished it.






But I then suffered from what I call 典he just a bit more syndrome. Something I think most of us newcomers to the hobby suffer from, not knowing when to stop. So I felt one more pass from the base up the neck of the vase to the top just to smooth it off, well of course the gouge on contact with the wood caught and the next photo was the result.

One almighty snapping sound and the neck of the vase shattered into 3 pieces and flew in different directions. After searching all over the workshop to find the pieces (isn稚 it amazing where thing like this seem to go) but eventually was able to seek them all out. I thought I may be able to glue this all back together and re sand the outside and all would be well. But the damage was too great. But looking at the base it still looked good, so I tidied up the neck and then turned out the base to make a small pot.









The following photo was the end result.