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02/10/2006???????? by e-mail



??????? Just a quick note to thank you and your dear wife for the kindness shown to us on our recent visit.

?????? We called in on the afternoon of the first of September. Mr Mutch took time out to show me his impressive stacks of elm (virtually unknown down here in Sussex) and was able to confuse me all too easily with unfamiliar wood types. The coffee and biscuits were a fantastic bonus!

I have in mind that when our newest grandchild is of the right age that I will put in an order for Scottish elm so as to make a suitable chair. I still can稚 get over the idea of Mr Mutch making an armchair completely out of elm.


Thank you once again.


Roger and Liz Dinnis


West Sussex,




Natural edged Laburnum bowl

By Alec Mutch

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Bird nesting box, made from hollowed out Walnut log, top, bottom and hanging bracket in Sycamore, all left natural.

By Alec Mutch.

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Purpleheart on Hazel

Walking stick.

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