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Room Divider

Right, a room divider made to customers requirements, made in Ash, this divider was to be fitted by our client, and also into an already completed room, which presented it痴 own particular problems. As can be seen from the picture, the problems were overcome and the client successfully fitted the room divider .It was made up as two main units with the upper parts all being screwed together, prior to being rolled up, the bottoms of each unit were secured with a combination of sole plates which were screwed to the floor and wrap around mouldings which were glued and pined, giving a very secure fit, top and bottom.

Room divider made in Ash.

Customer comments.


02:02:2007 by e-mail


Dear Mr Mutch,

In overall terms I would say that the divider is just what we wanted in terms of the design and the finishing of the wood. The assembly was perfectly straightforward thanks to your excellent instructions and the precise preparation of all the joins, screw fittings etc, and the overall effect is exactly what we wanted.


Chris Chant,


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Custom built.

Text Box: Below are a few examples of custom built work we have done, these include, corbels, as seen here in various examples. We can also make complete alcove assemblies to be fitted into a wall recess, again as seen here below. For any of these items all we need is the size of the space available, the alcove could also include corbels, as one of the pictures show. All your requirements would be discussed and an estimated price given prior to any work commencing, some guide prices are given with each picture below, along with approximate sizes .

Above, a corbel being used as mainly decoration to finish off a glass wall assembly, as these are made as split turnings it痴 twin (the other half) was used in a similar way at the bottom of this assembly. The corbels in this case measured approx, 230mm long, 90mm wide, 45mm deep.

The guide price would be 」30.00 for the pair, customer to fit, and made in mahogany.

Above, a pair of corbels being used as part of an alcove assembly. Here they are being used to terminate the curve of the arch, these were made in beech and then painted, but any fine grained hardwood would do.

These corbels measured 200mm long, 100mm wide and 50mm deep.

The guide price would be 」24.00 for the pair, customer to fit, hardwood.

The fixing method used for most corbels is to drill a hole, glue and screw then plug the hole.

Above, a close up of a corbel, used as part of an arch assembly in a kitchen walk through area, the full arch can be seen in the picture, below left.

These corbels measured 325mm long, 100mm wide and 50mmdeep, made in a suitable hardwood, in this case Beech, and ofcourse made as a pair, by the split turning method.

The guide price would be 」36.00 for the pair, customer to fit.

Kitchen walk through arch with corbels terminating the arch, arch width 1200mm, details above right.

Right, a wall alcove, here an alcove has been created in a wall space, mainly for decorative purposes, but to very good effect. This alcove measures approx 600mm high, 350mm wide and 100mm deep, it was made in first grade ply and finished with Mahogany for both the shelf and the moulded surround., a good quality wallpaper was used to line the alcove, and a varnish finish for all the wood work.

These can be made to fit any recess and would arrive ready to fit, all that痴 required is the sizes of the space being used. The guide price for an alcove like this, (ready to fit) would be 」135.00.

Customer to finish, i.e. paper and varnish, or paint.