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We have over the years restored many , many pieces of furniture. These range from replacing tiny finials to a piece of furniture, to a full strip and re –polish on a piece of furniture. We can match any piece of  missing or broken furniture part, be it from a chair, table or whatever. If you merely want the parts made, we can do that. We can also stain and polish to match any piece of furniture. We will  also undertake a full fitting service if required.


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We eliminate the uncertainty and worry that can accompany a building project by using only the best materials and cutting-edge construction methods.

Above, Alec Mutch on the lathe, making a small bowl in birch.

Below, three pictures of the same table, left the table as it was when  it came in to be restored, centre  the same table once the repair work had been done, but prior to finishing, right, the completed table, having been stained and re-polished.

Above, wall clock case after restoration, new finials and mouldings made to match.

For those interested in doing the job themselves, we stock all the materials necessary, also some books on the subject, click links below.

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Left, a Victorian tile top wash stand, made in mahogany and restored by us

Guide price for this work was £80.00.

Left, two views of a long case clock, (side and face views). This clock was once in a railway signal box and dates back to the turn of the century. Inside were numerous signatures of all the people who ever came in contact with this clock, all of which we left untouched whilst doing the restoration.

Guide price for this work £135.00.

Left, picture of a damaged plinth from a grandmother clock, and right is a picture of the new plinth made to match in both style and colour. After fitting the plinth, the cost of this work was £65.00.

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Left, a picture of a sewing box as it was when it arrived for restoration.

As can be seen, there were a lot of water marks on the top and front, some minor damage to the veneer and the dart on the front was off vertical.

Right, the restored sewing box, after all the repairs and re-polishing had been done.

The cost for minor work such as this would be in the region of £50.00

Left, a picture of a bedside cabinet, showing some damage to the door, one panel was split almost the full length of the panel, in addition there were some scratches on the top, also on the front.

Right, the restored cabinet, after all the repairs and re-polishing had been done.

The cost of this type of work would be in the region of £65.00.

Above a Victorian writing slope, made in Indian Rosewood,

This required some considerable restoration, both to the exterior and the interior.

The work consisted of a full strip and re-polish, of the exterior and some minor repairs to the inside, including replacing the leather writing surface.

The approx cost including the new leather and all materials would be in the region of £120.00.

Above a plant stand.

Made in native Pine.

A full strip and re-polish was required.

Minor work like this would cost in the region of £50.00.including all materials.

Above, a spinning wheel.

Central heating had loosened all the joints, as a result it was very unstable, also required some cleaning and re-polishing, we re-glued all the loose joints, restored where required, and made some new bobbins. Cost for this type of work would be in the region of, £65.00. plus £10.00 per bobbin.

Above, two pictures of the same table, left, as it was when it came in for restoration, and right, as it went out after being restored. The table had some water marks on the top, along with some fairly deep dents to the edges of the top, all of the table was uncared for and very dry, it also had considerable damage to the edges of the legs.

We stripped the entire table and made good all the damaged areas, included in this was a new profile to the table top, (it was the only way we could get rid of the large dents to the edges). It was given a light oak stain, just to even out the colours, and then French polished, we managed to clean and re-use the original brass ware.

 The approximate cost of this type of work would be in the region of £130.00. 

Above, a Mahogany sideboard which required some replacement parts made for it.

For more information on this and for a larger picture, click the image.

Above, a Pitch Pine chest of drawers,

Our customer had stripped most of the old varnish off, leaving only the final cleaning , sanding and polishing, which we undertook.

Cost of this type of work would be in the region of £95.00

Left, a picture of a sofa table as it arrived for restoration.

This Mahogany veneered table had been cut down in height, with no two legs being the same length, the rest of the table was badly marked as can be seen here. There was also some considerable water damage both to the surface and to the integrity of the veneer.

Right, the restored table, legs now level, completely stripped and re-polished, some minor defects could not be avoided and were therefore accepted, likewise with the veneer.

An oil finish was used for the table top, making it more durable.

The cost of work of this nature would be in the region of £90.00

Left, a coffee table which has been partly a restoration job and partly a new build job. By that I mean the top was delivered to us minus anything else, i.e. no legs or rails, just the top.

Our customer requested that we make a new set of legs and rails, there were also some penetrations on the top that required to be dealt with. After making the legs and rails, these had to be colour matched to the existing top, we also made some domed buttons to cover the penetrations on the top. The new parts were all  French polished and some minor restoration work was carried out to the top.

The cost of work of this nature would be in the region of £70.00

Left & right a garden seat before and after restoration.

Some repairs had to be done to the left arm rest and all the hoops along the top of the back of the seat, the entire seat was then cleaned and sanded back to the original wood before applying 3 coats of an external grade varnish.



The cost of work of this nature would be in the region of £150.00

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