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Standard Lamp in African Padauk.

By Alec Mutch




Aftercare of any piece of furniture needs to start with it痴 position in the house, and it痴 use intended. First lets deal with the position, remember that the piece of furniture you have purchased is made from wood, that means it is subject to changes in the atmosphere it is placed in. Avoid placing in front of a sunny window, this would bleach the furniture over time. Also avoid placing too close to any source of heat, i.e. open fire, heater or radiator, Heat introduced quickly can cause changes in the wood, mainly to it痴 detriment.

Use, never use any piece of furniture for any other use than it was meant for, i.e. a chair or low table does not become a short step ladder, they were not designed for that purpose, and damage to you and the furniture could occur.

All of our furniture will benefit from good housekeeping, and for this we recommend that regular dusting take place and an application of wax polish be applied periodically, the polish we recommend would be a paste wax, (not a spray) although a wax spray could be used whilst dusting. If you require the polish, we do stock it in our shop, go to Catalogue and then Finishing Materials , or click on the link below.


Finishing Materials.

Paste Wax Polish

Fireplace Surround.

African Padauk.

Size, 1200mm x 1500mm.

Guide price, 」750.00.

Occasional Table.

Brazilian Mahogany.

Size, 72cm x 50cm x 64cm high.

Guide price, 」295.00.


Customer comments.




Just wanted to thank you for the demonstration on how to make a small bud vase the week before last謡e were the couple with the German party, It was most interesting to learn how the item was made and our German relatives thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Thank you,


Amanda & Mark Kelly,


Rocking chair, entirely made in elm, finished with sealer and wax only.

Price 」395.00

Display cabinet, made in mahogany, size approx, 500mm x 400mm x 600mm high Price 」335.00.

Spinning chair, made in mahogany, size 250mm x 300mm x 600mm high.

Price 」95.00

Coffee table, made in spalted beech. Spalting gives this table it痴 distinctive markings.

Size, 1100mm x 900mm x400mm high.

Price 」260.00

Foot stool, made in mahogany,

(customer supplied the tapestry)

Size 900mm x 300mm x 250mm high.

Price 」185.00

Standard lamp,

Made in African padauk,

1500mm high x 350mm base.

Price, 」125.00.

Pair of plant stands,

made in olive ash,

Size, 300mm dia x 650mm high,

Price 」115.00 each.


Chess table,

Sycamore & mahogany,

Top 50mm squares.

Price, 」245.00.

Mantle clock.

Quartz movement.

Made in native walnut.

230mm x 230mm x100mm

Price 」135.00

Sewing box.

Made in mahogany.

Customer supplied the tapestry.

450mm x 450mm x 600mm high.

Price, 」135.00

Piano stool.

Made in mahogany.

Own tapestry.

600mm x 400mm x 525mm(H).

Price, 」115.00

Text Box: Other types of furniture that we do, this could be for outdoors, as in the case of a Post Box.
Or for house interiors in the case of stairways or room dividers, where newel posts and balustrades would be required. These could be for a new build or indeed for a renovation where only some replacement parts would be required. Examples of these follow with typical prices.

Front view.

Side view.


Three views of two post boxes, left, the front view of a post box, centre, end view and right a box in it痴 erected position, showing two posts for support. Made from white cedar (a very durable wood for external use) treated with yacht varnish (3 coats) to give even better durability.

The box measures 450mm x 450mm x 300mm, with a piano hinged lid and fastening hook at one side.

Price for the box is 」75.00, with the post as an extra, at 」4.00 each.


Free standing bird table.

Made in solid hardwood.

Coloured varnish finish.

By Alec Mutch.


free standing Pigeon loft, made from sweet chestnut.

By Alec Mutch.

The main turned parts of a staircase, left, the newel posts, centre, the stair spindles, (balustrades), and right a finial, (goes on top of the newel posts). These can be made from most timbers, the newels (left) were made in oak and measure100mm x 100mm x 1200mm high. The spindles, (centre) these were made in pitch pine and measure 45mm x 45mm x 1050mm high. (regulation height for a handrail is 1025mm minimum). The finials are the decorative parts of a staircase that fit on top of the newel posts, this one was made from maple and measured 100dia, x 200mm high, these can be any shape you wish, but the one shown is a usual pattern.

Newel Posts, - 」42.50 each

Balustrades, - 」16.50 each

Finials, - 」16.50 each



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Coffee Table.

Made in native Ash.

Size 800mm x 500mm & 450mm high

Price 」225.00

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Garden sculpture/display, made from three columns of

Douglas Fir, measuring,

450mm, 600mm, and 750mm high, all 3 are 100mm in diameter.

By Alec Mutch.

Music Stand / Book Stand.

Made in native Ash.

Size 485mm x 250mm x 50mm deep.

Price 」27.50.